Mama Monday: High Street (Memory Lane)

I have been waiting. WAITING. Waiting for a Saturday that isn't 90+ degrees or 40 degrees with rain. Finally, it came on Saturday! I could take Lulu to her first trip to Clintonville. My mom used to work in the area, and we didn't live too far away from it as I was growing up, so some of my very first memories were made along High Street in Clintonville.
Hmmm, she's not quite sure what to think about all the traffic.

Every Saturday, they have (I think) the largest farmer's market in Columbus. This is a great place for it because the population here is very into organic and local products. So, we started with that. We luckily had a good parking spot in front of Balanced Yoga (more on that later..) and views of downtown. We found the produce we needed and all the sweets (pumpkin roll cookie from Sweet Scetti, apricot bars, and cherry handpie) we didn't need. Oh yeah and an heirloom tomato scone that made me want to grow tomatoes simply to make these incredible delights. But anyway, back to our day...
"Yum! Pies and cheese and muffins...can't wait to start eating REAL food!"
Someone saw me taking a picture of her and asked if I wanted to be in it too. My awesome dirty-hair-outta-the-face style makes me wish I had declined.
After the market, we walked down to Cover to Cover, my favorite childrens bookstore in the world. Why, you ask? Well, do you see any more childrens bookstores left? Me neither. Besides that, my mom used to bring me to this store and we would get lost in it (well at its old location down the street). I met my favorite authors, Jan Brett and Eric Carle here, and I believe this is where my love of kids books began. I experienced a bit of childrens lit burnout after I got my masters in it, but as soon as I walked in and saw this, I knew the old flame was coming back. I restrained myself and just got 2 Elephant and Piggie books for my students and Larkyn to share. She loved the place. And we actually met friends there. This sounds weird, but I don't often meet people. Do you? Unless someone introduces me to their friend or whatever, I don't usually go past the "yeah people think my baby is a boy, too" line. But today, another mommy and I discussed the difficulties of the Ergo, Senate Bill 5, and mommy-baby yoga right up the street! I hope to meet her and baby Charlotte there next Saturday.

Our last stop was further up High Street, at Lottie Da. You can read about our purchase and the store so I am not completely redundant. After a long morning in the stroller, meeting new people, and seeing the places mama loves, she is successfully napping. eating another Dan the Baker heirloom tomato scone. Seriously.
The new hilarious books

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