Mama Monday: Mom's sales

I had my first experience at a mom sale this weekend. I was skeptical of the quality of goods and how crowded it might be, but I thought it was worth a try! So, Larkyn and I, my prego friend Katie, and our moms all headed to the Dublin Rec Center for the Baby & Kid Bonanza (the word Bonanza always scares me).

I took $100 cash with me so that I had a limit (and cash seems to be the only method of payment at these sales). For me, that was plenty. I ended up spending $88, which I will break down below. Both Katie and I were glad to have the help of "the moms", or we definitely would have had trouble corralling our purchases. A word to the wise: bring a second person and shopping bags with you! 

I did go with a short list in mind: a JJ Cole Bundleme (pink, if possible!) and 2 shopping cart/high chair covers. The first table I stopped at had both!  The Bundleme (retail: $39.99) was $4 and the shopping cart cover (retail around $20) was $2. Score.  So, my list was complete, and the rest of the time I spent picking up size 3 shoes, which we are lacking, and cold weather gear. This Columbia snowsuit was $8 (ours is purple, though) and was my favorite purchase of the day. So if you are keeping track, that leaves $74. With that, Larkyn gained 3 new pairs of Robeez shoes (retail $24.95 each), 3 board books, the Learning Puppy she had on her Christmas list, and 22 pieces of Gymboree and Carters clothing for this winter.

So, my mama advice for today? Check these sales out! Bring a friend and bags, have a list of things you need so you have some focus, and bring cash. Unfold clothes to make sure there are no stains (one cute outfit I brought home was strategically "bundled" with the matching pants to hide a stain). Also, when you are done having babies and need some extra cash, this is a perfectly easy way to make some money. One mom told me she had made about $1000 by the end of the sale. Now, to clear out the closet...

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