Mama Monday: Things that make life easier

Who doesn't like to save a little bit of time and hassle?  I am still enjoying making Larkyn's purees and we have fun letting her try new things (papaya--the kid loves papaya!) However, sometimes homemade things do no transport as easily, OR you find your selves sitting down to eat at Whole Foods with no baby spoon!  What's a mama to do?

Dash through the aisles to the Whole Baby section, only to find a package of baby flatware that is $9 and made out of corn syrup (therefore, they disintegrate after 10 washes!) Defeated and feeling like an unprepared mom, I turned around and saw these.
Earth's Best 100% Organic baby puree pouches
I've seen kids at school have similar thingymajigs and had no idea why anyone would buy them. NOW without a spoon, I know why! I picked a flavor I thought she'd enjoy (Pear Mango Apple yogurt smoothie) and booked it back to our table. I was afraid she wouldn't know what to do with it, but I stuck it in her mouth, squeezed a little, and she sucked it down!  It was sweeter (no added sugar, though) than her usual food, so she definitely couldn't stomach a whole pouch, but we used it then for the next 24 hours. I mixed it into squash for dinner and into rice cereal for breakfast. We picked up several more today to stick in the diaper bag when needed. Earth's Best pouches are 1.99 and Ella's Kitchen pouches are 1.49, and both are widely available at grocery stores.

So, there is one of the things that makes life easier for me. I finally caved and bought an iPhone today, hoping that some of the apps and tools will simplify life a bit. I'll get back with you on that one!  So what makes your mama life easier?

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Desiree said...

We picked up some of these at Target while we're out of town. She hadn't had a poop so the dr. said to give her some prunes and pears. I guess they did the trick because I got a great poop the very next day! We got the spoons that screw on to the top but I'm wondering how she'll do without the spoon.

Did you notice that Lulu broke out on her face when you started her on solids? Sofia has a terrible rash on her little cheeks that went away when I stopped all solids.

We have an appt with a naturopath when we get back in town to rule out allergies.

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