Random Wednesday: 25 things

Ah yes, remember these? I did them back in my hot minute of Facebook time. Another blogger I follow reminded me of it, and life has changed so much since the Facebook era that I thought I'd treat you to an updated version, if you should care to know 25 things about me...
  1. I could never, ever be a vegetarian. I just read a crockpot recipe for BBQ ribs and am dying to have them. 
  2. I have learned that the more hoops you jump through to get a pet, the more trouble they will be. Case in point: I drove hours and paid quite a bit for Zoe and she is the most high-maintenance being in the house. Matt found the cat under the golf cart and he is awesome
  3. I tend to like "guy" movies/shows...Superbad, True Grit, and that bad habit of mine, South Park!
  4. I have never missed an episode of The Office or Grey's Anatomy (DVR has helped)!
  5. I used to cry every year when my birthday was over because I was getting older. This was cause for many appointments with the school guidance counselor per my mom and dad, who thought I was whacko for not wanting to grow up!
  6. If I could do one thing REALLY well, it would be taking pictures. I'd like to take a class on it sometime soon.
  7. I liiiiive to plan! As soon as one thing is over, I look forward to the next. I constantly need something "fun" to look forward to and plan. Even simple things, like planning outfits for Larkyn's weekly photos.
  8. Speaking of her, there is nothing in the world that comes close to the love I have for her. It is a mushy, fierce, hearbreaking, joyous, hilarious, hang-on-as-tight-as-I-can love I can't explain.
  9. I love to make desserts, especially for other people, and would love to do that as a living (but then it wouldn't be fun anymore, I know)
  10. I almost ALMOST majored in journalism after being the editor of our high school newspaper. The pressure of the deadlines scared me away. 
  11. I have known Matt since we were in 2nd grade. In my elementary school diary, I called him "my boyfriend" but that was a very one-sided point of view.
  12. I could eat Italian food every day. The pasta, the bread, the salads, the dessert, wine...all of it!
  13. I used to love clothes shopping. Then I had a baby. Now, it is not really that much fun, so I have turned to buying clothes online!
  14. I watch NASCAR racing every week, like most people sit down to watch OSU football games. That is what we watched in my house every Sunday, and I am aware that I don't exactly fit the "demographic" of the typical viewer. Go #99!
  15. I spent most of my summers away from home, which I loved. I was either at the beach or at some sort of camp. Always running around in my "Turn the tide, save the ocean " bikini somewhere!
  16. My mom owned a sewing store for 18 years, but I actually don't even know the proper way to sew on a button. I was not into sewing at all. 
  17. I owned, showed, and trained 3 horses. It was a lot of hard work and time, but I loved them so much that they actually show up in my dreams quite often!
  18. There is just nothing like Christmas. I decorate the whole house for it, make cookie gifts, and cannot WAIT for Larkyn's first this year. Oh yeah, I used to cry when Christmas was over too. 
  19. I was the president of my sorority but my approval rating was questionable, I imagine. I had a hard time being in charge of friends...
  20. Which leads me to my constant paranoia that people are mad at me. If I don't receive a return text or email, I assume I have done something wrong until I hear from the person. I am not exaggerating and I know its silly.
  21. I loved being pregnant. I can't wait to have baby #2, but that has to wait until we can afford him/her.
  22. I have learned never to believe my first impressions of people, good or bad. There is always more.
  23. When I treat myself to breakfast or lunch from a restaurant, the rest of my day is automatically better!
  24. I don't understand people who vote against school levies. Our entire community is based on public schools, and you are only damaging your own home value.
  25. I enjoy blogging and documenting life in many different ways. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Schneider 4.0 said...

I hope I've replied to all of your emails! And if I was mad at you (which I'm not) you would know it. I would make it pretty clear :)

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