Birthday Thursday: Happy 30 weeks!

My baby is becoming a little girl!  She has really shown us her personality this week, and it is yet to be determined if she takes after her mama or her daddy. She is very busy (mama) and looks up for our reactions all the time (daddy loves reactions). She has become pretty noisy, making noises "just to hear herself" (hmm, since daddy says that about mama...let's see...) She is reaching for things and pulling things over, and it is only a matter of time before baby-proofing is no longer an option.

I am so excited to have her around for Thanksgiving next week and have been thinking a lot about where we were a year ago. I found out on 11/18 that we were expecting a girl and was shopping like crazy for little Uggs, jeggings, and puffy vests. Now she can actually wear all the winter clothes I got for her last year.

Happy 30 weeks, "Cutie Pie"!
I can't wait for her to try pumpkin pie next week!

I wish I woke up this happy.

Her first Buckeyes shirt. I brought it out while Matt was at work...

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