Birthday Thursday: Happy 31 weeks!

And happy Thanksgiving! Everything is all cleaned up and it is just the 3 of us, sitting around watching football. It was a great first Thanksgiving for Larkyn. She and cousin Jaxsen had a good old time with each other, and they each got to try some new foods! The verdict: the girl likes her some turkey (as long as it is hidden in squash, sweet potatoes, and applesauce).

I was also excited for her Thanksgiving outfit...especially her first time wearing tights!  There is nothing like little baby girl tights, even if they already ripped in the first 4 hours she had them. It was fun to see her almost-crawl for us today. She didn't use her back legs (is it called "creeping?) but was pulling herself along to have a go at the Christmas tree. Yes, I said Christmas tree. I am on the taboo side of decorating for Christmas at Thanksgiving. Mostly because I don't have Thanksgiving decorations and because I am a sucker for red.
I promised I cleaned the house! It looks like everything ended up on the ottoman. Included the kiddos.

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