Birthday Thursday: Happy 7 months!

Have I told you where the monthly owl stickers are from? Purple Possum on Etsy!
How can this be!? 7 months? I can't believe how fast this is going. Every day I go off to work, but every day, I tell her I wish I could stay with her. This week, I took her to a baby shower at school and everyone had a great time passing her around and checking out her Rufflebutts. I am so lucky to work in a place where Larkyn is welcomed and enjoyed!  I am amazed at the new things she can do every day and the things she finds fascinating that I would never even think about. Her current fascination is this toy we got from Christine's awesome sister, who is the source of all our toys!  The buttons/levers are really easy for her to push/pull and without the legs, it just lays on the floor for her tummy time. This would make a great gift for any baby! Speaking of that...

We are on the (virtual) hunt for Christmas gift ideas. To say I love Christmas is an understatement, and I haven't been so excited about it since I was a little one myself!  We all know she will be receiving clothes, of course, but we all know babies don't want clothes. What do you think she wants?  What are you buying for the babies in your life?

Check out our 7 month old now:
After grabbing the spoon for the broccoli-pear dinner

Can you see the bottom teeth? Click to zoom in.

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