Birthday Thursday: Happy 35 weeks!

Not much new to report around here! Larkyn is a crawling machine and wiggles her bootie to get started. It's pretty funny. She is interested in things that make noise with her movement, if that makes rattles, tambourines, pianos, etc. Button-pushing is old news to her....she's over it. The swing has been retired and the exersaucer and doorway bouncer are seeing their last days with this busy lady. She is experimenting with new foods like blueberries, Cheerios, and watermelon (do NOT mix it with peas--what was I thinking?) We have so many Christmas outfits (some new, some secondhand, don't worry) that I have to start using them today to get through them all. Observe:

She still has her cute wrist and knuckle wrinkles. And she really wants those ornaments!

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