Foodie Friday: Addictive snacks

So, I am a sucker for the samples given in my fabulous Market District. I just can't turn them down when it is something I actually like, on sale, and the person took the time to hand it to me in a paper cup and comment on how adorable my daughter is. Anyway, here are 2 of my new favorites:
Oogie's popcorn is all natural and full of flavor! I am not a big popcorn fan unless it has some crazy flavor, but usually that costs much more than $2.50. I have been eating it by the handful and am always satisfied for a while after snacking on it. The flavors are interesting, and you can see the full product line here. Yum.

The pretzel display seemed to have a beam of sunlight shining down and angels singing when I saw it. First of all, these Pretzel crisps in any flavor are delicious, but dark chocolate peppermint!?  I eat them like I imagine a jackal eats...whatever a jackal eats...looking over my shoulder and daring anyone to steal them. Luckily, Matt isn't a chocolate peppermint fan, so yippee!  I've had the Garlic Parmesan too, and check out their other flavors, too.

Pick them up for your snack stash or give them in a food basket for a last minute gift. Next week I will give the run-down on my Christmas day waffle bar!

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