Mama Monday: Her first Christmas

If I wrote a narrative about our first Christmas as a family, you would be bored to tears. So let's do a list, shall we?

Top 10 Best things about having Larkyn for Christmas:
She is so fun to dress up, especially for Christmas Eve at Grandma's. She tried all kinds of delicious appetizers that night!

Her little (BIG?) personality is starting to come out. Silly faces, whispering "ta ta ta" to make us laugh, scrunching her eyes closed and banging her hand as she yells when she is mad, and cuddling up to fall asleep anywhere...

She had no idea what was going on behind her or what was about to happen. She was just enjoying herself and was along for the ride this year!

She carefully examined all her toys, which I appreciated. All the way down to the tiniest toys in the stocking (my favorite part!), she looked over them carefully.
She always sees things we don't see; again, that attention to detail. Thanks for turning the rug over and finding that speck. Nevermind all those toys you just received:o)
She gave me more moments like this. I love daddy-daughter moments, and in the middle of chaos, they still can take time out to enjoy each other.
She looked forward to whatever I was about to feed her for Christmas breakfast (mangoes and pears, her favorite!) My dad used to get so mad when I would want to open presents before breakfast.
She didn't cry when her grandparents held her! In the past few months, she has let out a few whimpers (and a few full-out cries) when we have handed her off, but she was just fine with Paw Paw on Christmas.
She showed us she can hold her own!  Cousin Jax really wanted her bink, but she dodged him a few times. She later made him cry several times by taking his (really hers) ball. That, we will have to address one day...
Even as I was cleaning up 12 hours later, she was still going strong, "helping" me by driving the box.
I know, this is #11. But, I couldn't help a cliche. This year I had such a hard time thinking of what I wanted. Maybe this is why? I have everything I want.

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Desiree said...

Omg, I love the bib picture so much!

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