Random Wednesday: "Made in America Christmas"

Ok, I have touched on this before. But, now is the perfect time, if you still have shopping to do, to make a difference. Here is the gist: "Remember, it doesn’t take a lot to have an impact. The average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, the National Retail Federation estimates. If each American spent just $64 of that $700 on American made goods it would create 200,000 new jobs." (from abcnews.com). Simply looking for a "Made in the USA" every time you pick up a product actually creates a job for REAL people. Check it out...

Watch me! You will be inspired!

I have to admit, I watched all of this a little too late and had already completed most of my shopping. I proceeded to turn over every product I had laid in front of me (shh, don't tell Larkyn!) and here is what I was horrified to find:
  • LOTS of clothes from Gymboree: Made in Vietnam
  • Fisher Price Baby Smartphone (I know, sassy girl): Made in China
  • LeapFrog Sit to Stand Walker: Made in China
  • Fisher Price Sesame Street remote: Made in China
  • Matt's presents (all of them, sorry...): Made in CHINA!!
  • Grandma's Loft sweater: Made in Sri Lanka
  • Fisher Price camera: Made in China
But WAIT! There was one stocking stuffer that redeemed my American heart. The Infantino Lil' Chef set of salt shaker and measuring cup rattles was in fact MADE IN AMERICA. See?

I immediately went to the Infantino website in hopes that I would see something like "All of our products are made with "heart" in America". Nope. So, what can I give you that is useful?  Here is a little research on actual products that you might buy that are made in America. Maybe we can make a few jobs together:o)

L.L. Bean, Tervis tumblers, Jelly Belly, Merle Norman cosmetics (seriously, the best foundation you will ever wear), True Religion jeans (I guess if I will spend that much on jeans, it might as well help someone?), Little Tykes, K'Nex, Slinky, Louisville Slugger...
Here is the humongous list where I got my ideas

Please comment and let me know what you have found! I am thinking Larkyn could use something from Little Tykes and maybe PawPaw could use some LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers!

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