Style Saturday: Christmas edition

I love decorating for Christmas! Last year, my favorite part was obsessing over the mantle. This year, we actually got a tree. Now, finding a place in our "charming" house (tiny) is a challenge, but so is finding a tree to fit! We found this perfect 6 footer at Target on sale for $20. I mean, its not fooling anyone that its a Vermont Fir or whatever fancy people get, but it doesn't have to. It is our first tree and I love it. So does Larkyn. So, let's take a look at some of my favorite Christmas images at our place. BUT FIRST! We went to see Santa today:

He tickled her to get this smile. Must remember this trick!
"Who is this guy?"  Alright I can't stop myself from venting about these pictures. Santa was great and she was precious but the pictures are horrible! I paid $30 for the digital rights package, only to come home and see that you get a little "website", which I don't need, and there you can PAY 9.99 per picture for digital rights to an over-exposed, under-defined picture. There. Sorry.

Her first ornament
Her first ornament from Auntie Ann (way better than mine)
Her first ornament from Nana (the first in a series and its an owl, how cool!)
Mr. Tree has exactly enough space to exist at our house, and nothing more.

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Desiree said...

I'm telling you - Santa is a racket! I'm glad the baby didn't cry though and the second one where she's looking at him is so cute! I got a shot like that of Sofia but I only wanted one picture of that pose but they wouldn't let me buy just one print. I'd already spent more than I wanted to so I said no, but it was a cute pose!

We don't have a tree this year because we'll be traveling but I definitely want to get her an ornament. Of course, I have like two days to do that - time just seems to disappear around here! :-)

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