Style Saturday: Dressing a gift card

Some people hate gift cards. I love them.  I think they have made gift-giving more efficient and more sensible...sorry if that offends you. There is nothing I love more than to receive a thoughtful gift (like this I got from Julie today...the product of a blog we follow), but I am sooooo bad at giving the thoughtful gifts. Jill made me Skittles in a Mothers Day can and I treasured each one because she made it. But me? I am terrible at thinking of the "perfect gift" for people. So gift cards are the perfect match for me. However, I am a firm believer that presentation is everything.

And this? Doesn't cut it.

I got a gift card for each of my teaching partners, 2 cards for my babysitter, and 4 for my parents. Then I looked down in my Giant Eagle basket and was a little depressed. Since I could easily spend an entire day inside my dear Marketplace, I decided to look around and get some inspiration. I also remembered this post and wondered if I could kill 2 birds with one stone (stone= Mastercard). Here is what I came up with in the following few hours....

One 8x8 page of scrapbook paper, cut in half, then folded for 4 pages and stapled.

Put into the gift basket that includes: Corn salsa, roasted almonds, Italian dressing, split pea soup mix, and kettle corn all made in Ohio. And, oh that? That is Larkyn's artwork made in my school art room with our awesome art teacher. It was more of a labor of love than Larkyn's birth...oh, so many tears to create this footprint Rudolph!

I glued the cards (gluestick on the top where there is no magnetic strip or anything important). Sorry for the blurriness, Instagram is no bueno for text.

The cards for my kindergarten posse are stuck to matching colored hot chocolates made in the USA, nestled with Columbus-made chocolate covered oreos and Lindt truffles (made in New Hampshire!) Unfortunately, I looked all over the store for American made mugs. China really likes mugs, apparently.

So, I dressed them up a bit and felt better about giving them to people. And, I spent a total of $25 on American products. I still didn't get to my goal of $64, but I wonder if the gift cards to Rooster's and PF Chang's count because they are keeping the restaurant staff in business?

And now, off to read my new book...

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