Birthday Thursday: Happy 40 weeks!

 No one better ever get me one of these shirts one day when I actually am 40 years old. But in reference to 40 weeks, 40 is fabulous. We have turned a corner and Larkyn is just getting more and more independent every day! She is zooming across the wood floors, starting to feed herself, and just last night climbed on top of a printer box. Of course, once she was up there, she freaked out that she was up there ("Up" being appx. 11 inches off the ground).

She had her 9 month doctor visit today. Best part, NO SHOTS! I was anticipating shots and so I took the day off. Bonus, day off without making my infant scream. She is 21 pounds (75th percentile) and 29 inches tall (90th percentile). Last time, those percentiles were flip flopped, so I was relieved that we weren't going to have to have a "talk" about feeding her less of her favorite yogurt and cheese!  The doctor seemed pleased with everything and we won;t see her again until Larkyn is ONE. One. Oh, have I mentioned the party planning?

Before kids are old enough to pick their own birthday theme, I thought, how do I pick a theme that would be special to her?  She doesn't show a preference for a favorite character, animal, or color. But she has always loved this:

She has always been a fan of Mozart's little ditty, but we recently discovered this adorable video a few weeks ago and she is transfixed. So, there you have it. The "twinkle twinkle" party planning has already commenced on my Pinterest page. Happy 40 weeks, little star!

Wordless Wednesday

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Mama Monday: Battle won

Oh, you know how I reference those weekly emails and baby books I have to see what milestones Larkyn should be reaching (give or take a month, I'm not too caught up). Well, there was ONE that we just did not see eye to eye on: feeding ourselves. I tried so many "delicious" varieties of small crackers, pieces of cheese, ripe fruit, puffs, and Cheerios. Oh, sure she thought they were great. But ONLY if I picked them up and let her bite off a piece. This is fine for a while, but I could tell that it was becoming a helpless habit.

Anyway, after a few weeks of tears (hers) and frustration (both of ours), I appealed to the higher powers of our sitter and my mama friend. The verdict: put the food on the tray and walk away. So, I put down 4 organic teddy grahams and started cleaning the kitchen. It got very quiet. I peeked around the corner and there she was, picking up the cookie, examining it, and then taking a bite. Herself. Within a few minutes, she had finished all 4. I had to document, didn't I?

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Style Saturday: Fancifying my photos

Due to my obsession with Kelle Hampton's blog and her helpful hints about uploading great-looking pictures, I have been working on some pretty cool photos to share. I guess the reason why I am so excited is because Kelle's suggestion of using Picasa now means I don't have to buy, install, and figure out Photoshop! This was going to be my task over the next few months. Instead, I began using the google-integrated Picasa, which really simplified everything. SO, now I can upload those dazzling photo collages and maybe even learn how to do a weekly phone dump. Hmmm. Give it a try!

Birthday Thursday: Happy 9 months!

9 months just brings one thing to mind: bring 9 months pregnant. That magic number I waited for for 40 weeks. The day I was supposed to be induced by my doctor, since "Baby O." was not making progress as far as she could see. Little did we know, Baby O would start her entrance the night before and make her appearance right at 40 weeks on the dot. I will try to keep the reminiscing to a minimum, but you can read all about it in the "Baby Talk" section.

Today I realized why month 8 might have been so different (aka: the "what the hell happened?" month). My mom was watching her today and saw a top tooth poking through. That would also explain the awesome diarrhea and the running nose. Can you imagine if adults teethed!?

This week, we were thrilled to have more great grandparent time for our late Christmas together. Larkyn loved sitting on great grandpa's lap and being fed by great grandma (her spritz cookies are the best!)  After we all watched her (Larkyn, not great grandma) army crawl all over grandma's house, the next morning she crawled for real!  She literally woke up and when I put her on the floor, suddenly knew how to crawl. Now we find her everywhere. Time to baby-proof again!  She is trying her best to just stand straight up from being on the floor, and is also working on shoving Club crackers in her mouth.

Any ideas on transitioning to a sippy cup? That is not going well, and casually started 5 months ago. And enjoy cracking up as I made crazy noises for her photos tonight.

OK, the crazy noise? Fake screaming. She loves it, and she was actually fake-screaming too.
Really, kitty?
Great grandma has lots of experience cuddling with little girls!

Great grandpa can't get enough of Larkyn. He just loves her!

Foodie Friday: Mealboard App

If you are like me (scary), you hear a white noise ringing in your ears and break into a cold sweat at these words: "What's for dinner?" I kid you not, this was asked the night we brought Larkyn home from the hospital and this almost happened:

Anyway, I don't like being caught off-guard and having to figure out what to eat. It takes too long to sit at the table and mentally remember what we need for vodka sauce or what we ate last week. It's getting old when people say, "There's an app for that", but there is. Meal Board.

It comes filled with 30 or so recipes for you to use. I deleted all but 3 and filled the app with my own recipes. It takes a while to start this whole process (one night, I'd say), but it is worth it. Now, at the store, I can pull up 5 dinners on my phone, assign them to days, and the app creates a grocery list for me.
Photo from

Give it a try! I only use it for dinners, but super organized people could use it to plan 3 meals a day.

Birthday Thursday: Happy 38 weeks!

I dropped the ball this week by not publishing anything other than Birthday Thursdays. Sorry--I will never miss a Thursday, but I might miss others!

Larkyn has learned so much this week and I felt so bad going back to work. Like I would miss something or she would stop developing if I wasn't there to witness each day. Life goes on, though. We started brushing her teeth (she LOVES the toothpaste!) each night before bed. I am attempting to get her to pick up and eat Cheerios, but they mostly end up on the floor for the dogs to eat. Any suggestions? You should see me pick up and eat single Cheerios in slooooooow motion to get her to imitate.

That's about it. Except for gratuitous pictures of my baby who is growing too fast...

Birthday Thursday: Happy 37 weeks!

37 weeks hits a nerve with me. The last time I heard "37 weeks", it was in the context of me carrying a full-term baby. An exciting day! Also, my birthday, and the day that our doctor said our "little" girl was going to be around 8 lbs. I love 37 weeks.

This week has not been without its challenges, though. It might actually be that most difficult week we have had. Of course it has been full of excitement and precious time together (Ugh, my winter break ended), but Matt actually said he was looking forward to going back to work!  That is not something I thought I'd ever hear. But, we made it. We found some little tricks (always put something in her hands when changing her diaper, bottles before food= happy baby, and just accept that she is going through a loud phase). We are all back in our routine and I think she is happy to go see her friends at the sitter. I could listen to it all day long if it meant I got to stay home with her, but it was stressful knowing that it was upsetting her daddy.

I didn't even attempt the usual photo set-up this week after last week's craziness. I ended up with some of my favorite pictures I've ever had!

Mama Monday: Resolutions as a mom

Commence the eye-rolling, if you even decided to read this post. I thought I needed to publish it to hold myself accountable. Its that time of year to dream up unrealistic goals for ourselves, only to laugh at ourselves in a few months and continue on the way we were on December 31st. So, here goes:
  1. Take 10 minutes to vacuum and baby-proof every day. With items such as drill bits and screws appearing daily in our house, it has to be done. And once she started crawling, her clothes have taken a beating from the hardwood grime.
  2. Wean Larkyn off the pacifier by the time she is one. God help us all.
  3. Learn how to take better pictures of her. I am trying really hard, but self-teaching and experimenting obviously isn't enough. This one might include allocating money for Photoshop, a better lens, and maybe a class? See how I worked in an allowance to my resolution? Nice.
That's it! I think I can do three. Honestly, #2 is going to be the most difficult, as I am already starting here and there to take it away when I can. She does not approve of this resolution, as you might expect. 
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