Birthday Thursday: Happy 37 weeks!

37 weeks hits a nerve with me. The last time I heard "37 weeks", it was in the context of me carrying a full-term baby. An exciting day! Also, my birthday, and the day that our doctor said our "little" girl was going to be around 8 lbs. I love 37 weeks.

This week has not been without its challenges, though. It might actually be that most difficult week we have had. Of course it has been full of excitement and precious time together (Ugh, my winter break ended), but Matt actually said he was looking forward to going back to work!  That is not something I thought I'd ever hear. But, we made it. We found some little tricks (always put something in her hands when changing her diaper, bottles before food= happy baby, and just accept that she is going through a loud phase). We are all back in our routine and I think she is happy to go see her friends at the sitter. I could listen to it all day long if it meant I got to stay home with her, but it was stressful knowing that it was upsetting her daddy.

I didn't even attempt the usual photo set-up this week after last week's craziness. I ended up with some of my favorite pictures I've ever had!

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