Birthday Thursday: Happy 40 weeks!

 No one better ever get me one of these shirts one day when I actually am 40 years old. But in reference to 40 weeks, 40 is fabulous. We have turned a corner and Larkyn is just getting more and more independent every day! She is zooming across the wood floors, starting to feed herself, and just last night climbed on top of a printer box. Of course, once she was up there, she freaked out that she was up there ("Up" being appx. 11 inches off the ground).

She had her 9 month doctor visit today. Best part, NO SHOTS! I was anticipating shots and so I took the day off. Bonus, day off without making my infant scream. She is 21 pounds (75th percentile) and 29 inches tall (90th percentile). Last time, those percentiles were flip flopped, so I was relieved that we weren't going to have to have a "talk" about feeding her less of her favorite yogurt and cheese!  The doctor seemed pleased with everything and we won;t see her again until Larkyn is ONE. One. Oh, have I mentioned the party planning?

Before kids are old enough to pick their own birthday theme, I thought, how do I pick a theme that would be special to her?  She doesn't show a preference for a favorite character, animal, or color. But she has always loved this:

She has always been a fan of Mozart's little ditty, but we recently discovered this adorable video a few weeks ago and she is transfixed. So, there you have it. The "twinkle twinkle" party planning has already commenced on my Pinterest page. Happy 40 weeks, little star!

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