Birthday Thursday: Happy 9 months!

9 months just brings one thing to mind: bring 9 months pregnant. That magic number I waited for for 40 weeks. The day I was supposed to be induced by my doctor, since "Baby O." was not making progress as far as she could see. Little did we know, Baby O would start her entrance the night before and make her appearance right at 40 weeks on the dot. I will try to keep the reminiscing to a minimum, but you can read all about it in the "Baby Talk" section.

Today I realized why month 8 might have been so different (aka: the "what the hell happened?" month). My mom was watching her today and saw a top tooth poking through. That would also explain the awesome diarrhea and the running nose. Can you imagine if adults teethed!?

This week, we were thrilled to have more great grandparent time for our late Christmas together. Larkyn loved sitting on great grandpa's lap and being fed by great grandma (her spritz cookies are the best!)  After we all watched her (Larkyn, not great grandma) army crawl all over grandma's house, the next morning she crawled for real!  She literally woke up and when I put her on the floor, suddenly knew how to crawl. Now we find her everywhere. Time to baby-proof again!  She is trying her best to just stand straight up from being on the floor, and is also working on shoving Club crackers in her mouth.

Any ideas on transitioning to a sippy cup? That is not going well, and casually started 5 months ago. And enjoy cracking up as I made crazy noises for her photos tonight.

OK, the crazy noise? Fake screaming. She loves it, and she was actually fake-screaming too.
Really, kitty?
Great grandma has lots of experience cuddling with little girls!

Great grandpa can't get enough of Larkyn. He just loves her!

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Do you have an obscene amount of sippy cups? I just got 2 freebies today that are yours if you need them.

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