Foodie Friday: Mealboard App

If you are like me (scary), you hear a white noise ringing in your ears and break into a cold sweat at these words: "What's for dinner?" I kid you not, this was asked the night we brought Larkyn home from the hospital and this almost happened:

Anyway, I don't like being caught off-guard and having to figure out what to eat. It takes too long to sit at the table and mentally remember what we need for vodka sauce or what we ate last week. It's getting old when people say, "There's an app for that", but there is. Meal Board.

It comes filled with 30 or so recipes for you to use. I deleted all but 3 and filled the app with my own recipes. It takes a while to start this whole process (one night, I'd say), but it is worth it. Now, at the store, I can pull up 5 dinners on my phone, assign them to days, and the app creates a grocery list for me.
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Give it a try! I only use it for dinners, but super organized people could use it to plan 3 meals a day.

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