Birthday Thursday: Happy 10 months!

We are marking 2 important milestones in baby's life this week. First, we got to go out on our first dinner date since Larkyn was born! Sounds crazy, right? We just always bring her with us or we stay in for carry-out and Netflix almost every weekend. We had a lovely little V-day dinner at Moretti's and DQ dessert (a nostalgic favorite from our old neighborhood in Grandview). We got quality adult time and Nana & Paw Paw got quality baby time. Win win.

Next, I picked her up from the sitter yesterday and we pretty easily concluded that she was sick. She has had a minor cold or two, but this was totally different. She just wanted to be held and just stared at the ceiling. No eating, no drinking, nothing. Luckily, when I called the pediatrician, they stayed open for me to bring her in. They stayed 30 minutes late, which says a lot to me about their patient care. Anyway, Larkyn has her first ear infection(s) and I am home with her today. Oh, you know the "pink stuff" everybody "loves"? Her reaction: the most pitiful cry you have ever heard, accompanied by thrashing and batting my hand away. She is acting better already after 2 doses, but is still not herself. Anyway, we can check "Sick Leave- Family" off my list of things to do. Fine by me!

I didn't feel like going through the drama of getting a cute outfit on when she is sick, so I didn't.

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Desiree said...

That little towel is the cutest!

Sick babies are the worst - there is nothing that breaks your heart more! Here's hoping little Larkyn feels better soon!

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