Birthday Thursday: Happy 41 weeks!

You know I have been looking forward to showcasing a holiday outfit. I couldn't wait for this one and was relieved that it still fit. Barely. Check out the popped collar (total accident).

Throughout the week, Larkyn has started 3 new "tricks". Apparently at the sitter's, she is a speed demon and crawls all over the place with Miss C. hot on her trail. Our house is way too small for us to see her lapping the other kids/animals. She is also eating with us and that has become interesting. She sooo wants to eat everything we have, but we don't set the best example. Plus, she still only has 2 teeth, so she can't eat much! So far, she's in love with lasagna and Mexican beans and rice. She has the diaper rash to prove it:o(

We also had to address and contend with the whole "Life is so fun now that I can stand and crawl that I don't want to sleep!". Yeah, we panicked a little, because our bedtime routine previously consisted of: Wait til the last commercial break of Seinfeld, give baby bottle, change baby, put baby in crib. That was it. Ha! I had to actually become  a parent and problem-solve over the weekend. We now have a longer bedtime routine, quarantined to her quiet room, basically to show her that life is not that exciting and it is time to unwind. It's a pretty good trade for the second half of Jerry and Elaine's battle over a chocolate babka. Good mama and baby time. I'd love your suggestions on your night-night routines.

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