Birthday Thursday: Happy 44 weeks!

I can't believe it will only be 8 short weeks until Larkyn is one. All I want to do is plan her party, but there's that little thing called work. Oh yeah, and mothering. So, spring break will be a whirlwind of ordering and traveling the city for things that go along with her "twinkle twinkle little star" theme. Any great ideas for first birthday presents?  I would rather get a few great gifts than several smaller toys that have no room at the inn.

This week, Larkyn has been showing us her big personality, starting with her laugh. She has been giggling for a long time, but has now started laughing a big old belly laugh. It is pretty funny. I picked up some "big girl" walking shoes this week, which are so adorable!  The flexible traction on the bottom keeps her feet warm in the cold but also gives her traction when she is walking. Of course, she has inevitably taken some spills and reacts WAY more dramatically than I expected. My mama friends have given me practice in the "non-reaction" reaction to these moments, but it is easier said than done.

I was ready for a break from pink...

I know, the storm door is so picturesque. But look! She has little tufts of hair!

Shout out to the ladybig Robeez!

"My turn to take pictures!"

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