Mama Monday: Nana's birthday

Take one
Happy birthday to MY mama today! I dedicate this post to her for all she has done for me and now for all she has done for Larkyn. Time for a little list-making before I get too wordy and everyone stops reading.

Reasons why we love Nana
  1. She rearranged her entire work schedule and life to watch Larkyn every Thursday. 
  2. On that magical day, I come home to 7 clean bottles and a bathed baby. Yahoo!
  3. She will make the things that I say "I want to make that but don't have the time or patience". She will actually do it. Next up, mom, the unfinished baby book!
  4. She will drop anything to come help. Not just with Larkyn, she just always has. 
  5. She is learning how to use her iphone on her own! So proud of you for exploring.
  6. She is taking care of my dad along with everything else. Enough said. 
  7. She throws the best party. Give her a theme and this woman will run with it.
  8. It amazes me how I meet someone she knows everywhere we go and they always, without exception say, "I just love your mom!" or "She is so sweet!"
  9. She is OK with me, with Matt, and with Larkyn just the way we are. She doesn't meddle or push, just lets us be:o)
  10. She taught me how to be a mama, and every Thursday I learn something new. Even if I resist it at first, it usually works. 
So, happy birthday to a wonderful mother, grandma, and friend to many!
There we go.

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Mom said...

Every time I go back and read this post, I cry tears of such happiness! Thank you for adding Nana to my name. I love you.

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