Style Saturday: The bathroom "before"

It's official. The bathroom renovation is ON.

As Larkyn's first birthday draws closer, the natural thing for any mom-of-one to start thinking is "When do we have another?" Not that I am in a rush, but you know I am a planner and these thoughts just happen. So, the next stream of thoughts goes like this: "OK, if we want them three years apart then we would *maybe* have another in 2 years...and we only have 2 bedrooms, so we'd *probably* need to move in less than 2 I wonder what our home value is right now...YIKES, I wish I wouldn't have looked at that...How do we increase the value?...bathroom renovation." I know. My brain is one of those domino experiments you do at indoor recess in fifth grade. I can't stop it, so I embrace it.

Without further ado, here's the scoop. Our sitter's husband does this for a living. So, he will be doing the work, for which I can thank my 2011 tax return.  Yesterday, he came over to see the "before" and do some measuring. When we first moved in, I loved the before. Now, not so much.

I forgot to mention I also bought a time machine with my tax return, so we went back to the age of blue sinks. The plan: white sink, brushed nickel faucet, Also, tiling over the laminate.
Goodbye chrome towel bar and mirrored outlet cover.

Don't try to see what I am wearing in the picture. Just imagine the granite tiling, glass tile backsplash, and new drawer/cabinet hardware. We would love to just replace the vanity, but it is a custom built-in that is an odd size and not sold in stores.
I left everything the way it was to have a TRUE "before". Imagine these towel bars gone and replaced with a white shlef with hooks instead. And maybe getting rid of the pajama holder. I mean towel and TP storage.

The crown jewel of a 1950's bathroom. The blue tub and blue-tinted marble will finally be replaced with white. I wish he wouldn't have told us that the walls were "the best we could have" because now I feel bad taking them out. Oh well!
Look forward to the "after" shots in a few weeks!

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