Birthday Thursday: Happy 45 weeks!

I wanted to post on Monday to chronicle my misadventures as a mom sick for the first time. I was sick but thought my "24 hour bug" was waning. Ha! Fast forward 3 days and I became a sick mom/kindergarten teacher. I was fighting it and thought I was beating it, until my voice became non-existent at school yesterday. Kids had to take over. Lydia read Duck for president. They watched what I wrote instead of listening for directions. I went to the doctor today (thank God for my mom, who could come watch Larkyn for a few), and its the old sinus infection/laryngitis duo I had once in college. In college, it was easy to call off my part-time job and make up work from my classes. Adults have to arrange for substitutes and be a mom. Many of you are probably like, "Yeah, I know", but now I know. Anyway, Thursday posts are supposed to be about my girl.

This week, Larkyn has dressed for the occasion of Dr. Seuss' birthday (3/2). She has been trying to stand by herself for a second or two and has a new affinity for Raisin' Cane's chicken fingers. My mom and I went out to our favorite fabric store, Sew to Speak, and picked up materials for her first birthday outfit. Also, invitations from Olive+Star are being made as we speak. I'm so excited!

After these photos, we had to run to school to leave some things for the substitute. She discovered the Listening Center and I got all excited when she turned it on. You know, a literary moment that I die for. Ha. This is like most book experiences we have, including whimpers and preoccupation with buttons.

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Desiree said...

Sofia's invitations came yesterday and I'm so excited for her party! Less than a month now!!

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