Birthday Thursday: Happy 49 weeks!

Man, did we live up our week home together! I think Larkyn missed her friends at Miss C's, but we had fun. We had a great trip to the zoo (flamingos and the aquarium were a hit), made it to the church preschool playground a few times, and tried to get out of the house at least once a day. When it was time for me to go back to work, I was sad to leave her, but excited at the thought that summer is just 2 months away!

Throughout our week, she started doing a few new things. She has her own version of waving bye-bye. It's a hilarious, very serious and deliberate hand raised in the air. No waving funny business, just a hand straight up to acknowledge the other party. Silly.

She is working on animal noises (tiger is the only one that has stuck so far), and parts of mama's face. Like everything else, she knows it one day, then refuses to show anyone else. We are on the road to walking, but I still think its a month or two away. She knows she can crawl much faster! 

Here she is, beating Memorial Day to the white-wearing punch...

She'd live in the bath tub if she could.

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