Sentimental Saturday: 30!

It most definitely has not sunk in yet. I am 30 today? 3 decades?  I just remember everything so vividly that it seems like I was just at United Skates for a birthday party, begging for Ring Pops and buying hideous stuffed animals with tickets. Or that I was just having sleepovers where I always moved the Ouji board to freak everyone out. Or celebrating my 21st with my sorority is this possible?  I am not really upset about it, just not really seeing at as a milestone I guess. I feel like I have a lot to be proud of, a lot to learn, and a lot to look forward to in the years down the road. This calls for a list!

Things I am most proud that I did in the last 30 years...
-Played high school sports. It opened a lot of doors for me and gave me confidence I didn't have.
-Graduated all 3 times...and got my dream job:o)
-Bought a house
-Became a mama
-Became a working mama!
-Kept in touch with good friends from high school and college (we are all headed out to celebrate tonight!)

Things I hope to do before my NEXT milestone birthday...
-Learn to cook dinner a little better. Get 10 or so meals that I can cook well and that my family will actually eat.
-Learn the fundamentals of sewing and do them well enough to make a few things each season.
-Have baby #2 (don't be looking for that any time soon though!)
-Take Larkyn on a great vacation that she will always remember (Hawaii? San Diego? Disney?)
-Read more. I love it. I miss it.
-Get much better at photography. I desperately want to be good at it!

Looking forward to the next 30 with my babies (animal and human) and Matt, my supportive family, and my loyal and hilarious friends. Love you guys!

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Desiree said...

Happy Birthday!! Mine was on the 2nd - does that make you a Pisces too??

Hope you had a great day, friend! :-)

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