Style Sunday: Appliqued tees

I know! I was surprised at myself, too. But I have recently rediscovered my need for creativity. I am happiest when I have a project, and I have been busy with the bathroom and preparing for Larkyn's first birthday.  I wanted to make her outfit for the day. Inspired by many Etsy first birthday get-ups, the wheels started turning. With a little trip to Sew to Speak, I was overwhelmed with the itch to CREATE!

I snagged some cute "fat quarters" for 2.95 each and ordered some solid tees and onesies from Rockbottom T-shirts for $2.59 each! So far, we are sitting at under $6 a shirt. I watched a few tutorials here and here. I didn't think a tutorial from me was necessary because these 2 got me through it and I'd just be repeating their steps.

Also, I used advice from my mom, who by the way, owned a sewing store for 18 years. And she just bought me my first sewing kit. You could call me a late bloomer. But really, there was not much sewing involved. Just careful following of directions (which I am honestly not good at, so I worked slowly and deliberately).

Here are my finished products. I like them because no one else will be walking around with these this summer. And, I can make them for holiday outfits and gifts. There was quite a bit of leftover fabric, so I am excited to make more. And I experimented with fabric flowers, which I adore. What can I make for you, my friends?

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Desiree said...

I'm totally making friends with my sewing machine too! I must create! :-)

Actually, I must fix my clothes that don't fit because we have no money to buy me an entire new wardrobe! :-)

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