Style Saturday: Spring Top 5

Time for my favorite shopping season...spring! I know, I know...the fashion world is already discussing fall clothes. But it is still, oh 40 degrees in Columbus, so I am timely in these parts. Here is what I am excited to wear this spring. What will you be adding this season?

1. Spring scarves. It took me forever to feel out this trend, but I am a total junkie now. It takes a tee to a polished outfit and makes me feel more put together.
I actually use this every time I tie a new scarf! See it closer here.
2. Coral! Most of what I bought with my birthday money was coral, and I love pairing it with turquoise or gold accessories.
My favorite purchase from Loft.
3. Bracelets. Since having a baby, my necklace collection has suffered dramatically. So, I have made up for it by wearing bracelets that she can't destroy. I am drooling over this Stella&Dot collection!
My favorite is the Clover Double wrap, but check out their bright spring colors!
4. Dresses! If you see me in the summer, I am in a dress or yoga pants. I am looking forward to the return of my favorite clothing item in coral, magenta, and bold floral prints.
I could live in this. Minus the fedora. I've tried and it is not a good look for me.
5. One-shouldered tops and dresses. I wore this one for Larkyn's baptism and something about the asymmetry was flattering (on top at least...let's please ignore the postpartum body from the waist down). Check out the Miss Chic Boutique one in yellow!
Her model is a very bad blog influence on me and resulted in me wanting this AND buying this.
There you have is time to tone these arms again and maybe dabble in the application of self-tanner.

Foodie Friday: Easy Oreo Pops

I poked them through a piece of foam board that was covered in tissue paper. This required a screwdriver and I am sure there is an easier way, but I tend to NEVER do things the easier way.
Though I adore cake pops and would love to be the person who makes owl cake pops complete with feet, eyes, and beaks (oh wait, that's my mom), I am not. BUT, this, my friends, I CAN do! And so can you. So, here we go with Oreo pops that can match any party theme.  

Easy Oreo Pops
(makes 16)

1/2 package of Double Stuffed Oreos (the stick won't fit into regular ones)
1 bag of Wilton melts
1 TB canola oil
pop sticks

Push the sticks into the Oreos, almost until the stick comes out of the top. You will break a few.

Since our microwave is currently broken, I used a double boiler (oh wait, I don't have one of those either)...a BOWL IN A BOILING POT of water to melt the chocolate. Get it nice and melted. Then add the oil a little at a time, using as little as possible to get the consistency you like. 

Dip the Oreos in the chocolate, making sure to get that spot where the Oreo joins the stick so it stays on. Lay them on wax paper.

Before the chocolate hardens (ASAP), add your sprinkles. To speed up the hardening process, you can stick them in the fridge, but they will harden on the counter if it is not too humid. Enjoy!

Mama Monday: Party time!

Well, the first birthday party is over. Our guests left about 5 hours ago and the house is still not put back together whatsoever. Oh well. "Great Success!", as Borat would say. They enjoyed their food, my DVD actually worked, and...AND...LARKYN WALKED! In front of everyone. I immediately burst into tears and had to disappear for a few minutes. Girly loves an audience, and she waits for one so she can pull out her latest trick.
First steps 4.22.12
The party was a Twinkle Twinkle Little star party, if you haven't heard for the 20th time. I thought of the theme back in January, when Larkyn fell in love with the youtube video of "Twinkle twinkle little star". Though I browsed Pinterest for inspiration, I was kind of on my own with this theme! I had a lot of fun finding matching things and searching the internet for stars. Here are some of the details I enjoyed making (or enlisted my mom to make...)
The centerpiece of the sweet table, a pdf designed by Sarah at Sugar House Ink
Wish cards that everyone filled out and dropped in the box. I put in the candle and a few other mementos as well.
You might have to click to get even closer to read the message. I printed them in Word at Kinkos, mounted them on Kinko's cardstock, and added an adhesive star from Michael's.
These are copies of the DVD I showed. I found a great tutorial at Marta Writes. That scrapbook paper was one of the splurges I allowed myself. I mean, come on, it was lines with stars inside!
Wallets that everyone could take home!
The 12 month pennant. I suggest measuring your mantel before this endeavor.
My happy place: dessert tables.
Paper lanterns with Cricut-cut stars attached to the line. Loved these instead of trying my hand at pom poms, but they were hard to stick to the ceiling. Try glue dots. This whole party was held together with glue dots.
More pennants for the high chair. That ribbon in the middle was a 50% off score at Joanns. They make them for every occasion!
The paint chip silverware holders. I took the paint chips, mom stitched them up!
OK, I know this is getting long. So let's see the party girl! Thanks to all her family and friends who brought food, took pictures, brought her fabulous and thoughtful gifts, and who shared in a very special day for our family.
Relaxing in her Adirondack chair. I want one, too!
Ha! This was when all the presents were "done". Time for cake...


Happy first birthday!

365 days ago, I was ready to push. For real! It was 10:00 (when I started writing this) and I was in love with the epidural that let me sleep through the night. Now I am in love with my one year old.
She arrived at 11:19 am.
Last night, I packed up all the baby bottles and the enormous amount of crap that goes along with them. As I was bagging them up, I of course started sobbing. To me, the bottles symbolized my baby needing me. I clearly remember the first time I gave her one...the moment that I went from a panicked new mother of a 2-day old to a calm "we are going to make it" mom.
How can you love something this much?
I have a one year old. Hooray! I worried a lot throughout my pregnancy, that she would make it to the world safely, and she did. I worried a lot when she slept, that she would not wake up or that she would be gone when I woke up. She was fine. There is a lot to celebrate, but I know that you'll understand how bittersweet it is.
Larkyn made Matt a daddy. A totally new person to me. 

So, happy birthday baby Larkyn! My world is complete and you are my little star. Now, let's celebrate!

Birthday Thursday: Happy 12 months!?

Ohhhh my chest just tightened when I wrote the blog title. She's not technically one until Saturday, but I have taken a picture every Thursday for 52 weeks and wasn't about to stop this week. I am not even sure where to go with this post. I think this one will just be about the past week, as usual. Saturday, I will get sentimental, and then later I will tell you all about her first birthday party.
We have never had such perfect lighting and such a willing subject. Amazing.
We gave up bottles this week. We were down to 2 small bottles, and I kept noticing that she was drinking less and less of them. So, Monday night, I just tried putting her to bed without one. Amazingly, she slept til 8 and I thought we were good to go. Now that she is back at Miss C's, she has seen other friends have them and apparently this does not please the princess. I have noticed drier diapers and crankiness, so I am watching for dehydration really closely. Nothing is ever easy, right?

She is walking with the push-walker-toy thing and does much better with Matt. With me, she gets all frantic when we have to turn around...with daddy, she just turns around and keeps chugging along. She's getting a doll stroller for her birthday, so I am glad she likes pushing things right now. We were cracking up at her pushing her Pack N Play around the room today.
Before I know it, she will be the one taking pictures!

I took tomorrow off to gear up for the big birthday weekend. We are seeing a lot of stars around here!

Wordless Wednesday

Just a few words. This is where I teach, my hometown. This is still happening, and we can't forget!

Birthday Thursday: Happy 51 weeks!

One week left til the big day! Well, if you haven't already seen our one year photo session, click the link to the left. Heather did such a great job for our first year package and we have so many sweet memories to look at all over our walls.

Here are some shots of Easter Day at our house...

And here is little miss with a little surprise for us on Monday...

And here she is, in her second to last weekly photo. It has been fun for me most of the time, but if you could only see the E! True Hollywood Story behind these pictures, you would say I was Kardashian kray-kray for keeping it up for 52 weeks.
So, this week brought our first "real" word as well as her first and hopefully last case of Hand-foot-mouth. It was an unfortunate exposure from another child at the sitter, and subsequently exposed EVERYONE we saw over the Easter weekend to it. It is not pretty, and the adult version had me thinking I had been given a guest role in Contagion (thanks Jill, now that's stuck in my head).

Next Thursday will not be her birthday, but it will be 52 weeks in the weird way that calendars work. Can you imagine learning as much as a baby learns in her first year? I learned how to applique and make a creme brulee this is so much more impressive!

Happy Easter!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Style Saturday: Egg hunt chic

If you saw last week's post, you can see the Easter outfit in detail. Pay no attention to the screaming child wearing it. I made it for today's outing, Larkyn's first Easter egg hunt! Last year, we brought her home the night before Easter. This year, I thought she'd be a little more into it. We had a gorgeous day for it, (thought it was supposed to be way cooler, so we were sweating!)

Thanks Auntie Kate for taking pictures so we can enjoy the day!
Starting off with games. Most were too hard except for "Find the treasure". Larkyn's treasures were the balls themsevles, not the toys and candy.
If you want to know how to make fabric flowers, watch this tutorial! I also ordered the foldover elastic from Marynotmartha on Etsy. Such a great deal for a yard of each color.
Patiently waiting with Paw Paw for the egg hunt to begin!
There is her first egg! Get it! Get it! Pick up the egg. It's yours...
OK, Mama will get it for you.
She would have been happy just playing with that one egg the entire time.
That's more like it!

She was SOOO close to taking steps!
All done, Nana!

Foodie Friday: Bunny Bark

I love an easy treat to give to people I see during the holidays. This one is fast and simple, and the only catch is that white chocolate chips are a little pricey.  My recipe comes from Pinterest, via

Bunny Bark
(makes about 5 sandwich size bags full of broken bark, so I double it to get 10 and use up my ingredients)

14 Golden Oreos, twisted apart and broken in 1/2 (so you get 4 pieces out of each)
1 1/2 C small pretzel sticks, broken in 1/2 (I left many intact)
1/2 of a 24 oz. bag of white chocolate chips
1/2 bag of Easter M&Ms
Colored sprinkles

1.  Cover a large cookie sheet with foil.
2.  Spread broken cookies, pretzels and about 3/4 C of the M & M's onto the foil.
3.  Place white chocolate in a container and microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Stir and then microwave for another 30 seconds until melted and smooth. White chocolate melts faster and burns easier than chocolate!
4.  Drizzle the melted chocolate over the cookie mixture, spread it with a spatula and mix it all up on the cookie sheet. Then, spread it back out again to be flatter. It will NOT cover anywhere near the whole cookie sheet...too thin and it won't break into big pieces.
Its more of an oval of bark, don't expect it to stretch to the sides.
3.  Immediately sprinkle remaining M&Ms and sprinkles over the chocolate while it is still wet.
4.  Place cookie sheet into refrigerator until set and firm (at least 30 minutes). Remove and gently break bark into pieces. 

5.  Store in air tight containers.

Birthday Thursday: Happy 50 weeks!

Can you spot the teething child?

Well, that is what we are up to this week!  Hopefully on Saturday, I will get some non-violent pictures of her in this Easter outfit I made (and was sure she would love). Naturally.
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