Birthday Thursday: Happy 12 months!?

Ohhhh my chest just tightened when I wrote the blog title. She's not technically one until Saturday, but I have taken a picture every Thursday for 52 weeks and wasn't about to stop this week. I am not even sure where to go with this post. I think this one will just be about the past week, as usual. Saturday, I will get sentimental, and then later I will tell you all about her first birthday party.
We have never had such perfect lighting and such a willing subject. Amazing.
We gave up bottles this week. We were down to 2 small bottles, and I kept noticing that she was drinking less and less of them. So, Monday night, I just tried putting her to bed without one. Amazingly, she slept til 8 and I thought we were good to go. Now that she is back at Miss C's, she has seen other friends have them and apparently this does not please the princess. I have noticed drier diapers and crankiness, so I am watching for dehydration really closely. Nothing is ever easy, right?

She is walking with the push-walker-toy thing and does much better with Matt. With me, she gets all frantic when we have to turn around...with daddy, she just turns around and keeps chugging along. She's getting a doll stroller for her birthday, so I am glad she likes pushing things right now. We were cracking up at her pushing her Pack N Play around the room today.
Before I know it, she will be the one taking pictures!

I took tomorrow off to gear up for the big birthday weekend. We are seeing a lot of stars around here!

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