Birthday Thursday: Happy 51 weeks!

One week left til the big day! Well, if you haven't already seen our one year photo session, click the link to the left. Heather did such a great job for our first year package and we have so many sweet memories to look at all over our walls.

Here are some shots of Easter Day at our house...

And here is little miss with a little surprise for us on Monday...

And here she is, in her second to last weekly photo. It has been fun for me most of the time, but if you could only see the E! True Hollywood Story behind these pictures, you would say I was Kardashian kray-kray for keeping it up for 52 weeks.
So, this week brought our first "real" word as well as her first and hopefully last case of Hand-foot-mouth. It was an unfortunate exposure from another child at the sitter, and subsequently exposed EVERYONE we saw over the Easter weekend to it. It is not pretty, and the adult version had me thinking I had been given a guest role in Contagion (thanks Jill, now that's stuck in my head).

Next Thursday will not be her birthday, but it will be 52 weeks in the weird way that calendars work. Can you imagine learning as much as a baby learns in her first year? I learned how to applique and make a creme brulee this is so much more impressive!

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