Happy first birthday!

365 days ago, I was ready to push. For real! It was 10:00 (when I started writing this) and I was in love with the epidural that let me sleep through the night. Now I am in love with my one year old.
She arrived at 11:19 am.
Last night, I packed up all the baby bottles and the enormous amount of crap that goes along with them. As I was bagging them up, I of course started sobbing. To me, the bottles symbolized my baby needing me. I clearly remember the first time I gave her one...the moment that I went from a panicked new mother of a 2-day old to a calm "we are going to make it" mom.
How can you love something this much?
I have a one year old. Hooray! I worried a lot throughout my pregnancy, that she would make it to the world safely, and she did. I worried a lot when she slept, that she would not wake up or that she would be gone when I woke up. She was fine. There is a lot to celebrate, but I know that you'll understand how bittersweet it is.
Larkyn made Matt a daddy. A totally new person to me. 

So, happy birthday baby Larkyn! My world is complete and you are my little star. Now, let's celebrate!

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