Mama Monday: Party time!

Well, the first birthday party is over. Our guests left about 5 hours ago and the house is still not put back together whatsoever. Oh well. "Great Success!", as Borat would say. They enjoyed their food, my DVD actually worked, and...AND...LARKYN WALKED! In front of everyone. I immediately burst into tears and had to disappear for a few minutes. Girly loves an audience, and she waits for one so she can pull out her latest trick.
First steps 4.22.12
The party was a Twinkle Twinkle Little star party, if you haven't heard for the 20th time. I thought of the theme back in January, when Larkyn fell in love with the youtube video of "Twinkle twinkle little star". Though I browsed Pinterest for inspiration, I was kind of on my own with this theme! I had a lot of fun finding matching things and searching the internet for stars. Here are some of the details I enjoyed making (or enlisted my mom to make...)
The centerpiece of the sweet table, a pdf designed by Sarah at Sugar House Ink
Wish cards that everyone filled out and dropped in the box. I put in the candle and a few other mementos as well.
You might have to click to get even closer to read the message. I printed them in Word at Kinkos, mounted them on Kinko's cardstock, and added an adhesive star from Michael's.
These are copies of the DVD I showed. I found a great tutorial at Marta Writes. That scrapbook paper was one of the splurges I allowed myself. I mean, come on, it was lines with stars inside!
Wallets that everyone could take home!
The 12 month pennant. I suggest measuring your mantel before this endeavor.
My happy place: dessert tables.
Paper lanterns with Cricut-cut stars attached to the line. Loved these instead of trying my hand at pom poms, but they were hard to stick to the ceiling. Try glue dots. This whole party was held together with glue dots.
More pennants for the high chair. That ribbon in the middle was a 50% off score at Joanns. They make them for every occasion!
The paint chip silverware holders. I took the paint chips, mom stitched them up!
OK, I know this is getting long. So let's see the party girl! Thanks to all her family and friends who brought food, took pictures, brought her fabulous and thoughtful gifts, and who shared in a very special day for our family.
Relaxing in her Adirondack chair. I want one, too!
Ha! This was when all the presents were "done". Time for cake...


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Desiree said...

What a great party and that dessert table looks AMAZING!! I told myself that I wasn't going to do anything major for Sofia's second birthday, but who am I kidding - I'm already planning it!

You did a great job and I looove the decorations! Simple yet stunning!! Great job girl!!

And a very Happy Birthday to your sweet baby! :-)

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