Style Saturday: Egg hunt chic

If you saw last week's post, you can see the Easter outfit in detail. Pay no attention to the screaming child wearing it. I made it for today's outing, Larkyn's first Easter egg hunt! Last year, we brought her home the night before Easter. This year, I thought she'd be a little more into it. We had a gorgeous day for it, (thought it was supposed to be way cooler, so we were sweating!)

Thanks Auntie Kate for taking pictures so we can enjoy the day!
Starting off with games. Most were too hard except for "Find the treasure". Larkyn's treasures were the balls themsevles, not the toys and candy.
If you want to know how to make fabric flowers, watch this tutorial! I also ordered the foldover elastic from Marynotmartha on Etsy. Such a great deal for a yard of each color.
Patiently waiting with Paw Paw for the egg hunt to begin!
There is her first egg! Get it! Get it! Pick up the egg. It's yours...
OK, Mama will get it for you.
She would have been happy just playing with that one egg the entire time.
That's more like it!

She was SOOO close to taking steps!
All done, Nana!

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