Style Saturday: Spring Top 5

Time for my favorite shopping season...spring! I know, I know...the fashion world is already discussing fall clothes. But it is still, oh 40 degrees in Columbus, so I am timely in these parts. Here is what I am excited to wear this spring. What will you be adding this season?

1. Spring scarves. It took me forever to feel out this trend, but I am a total junkie now. It takes a tee to a polished outfit and makes me feel more put together.
I actually use this every time I tie a new scarf! See it closer here.
2. Coral! Most of what I bought with my birthday money was coral, and I love pairing it with turquoise or gold accessories.
My favorite purchase from Loft.
3. Bracelets. Since having a baby, my necklace collection has suffered dramatically. So, I have made up for it by wearing bracelets that she can't destroy. I am drooling over this Stella&Dot collection!
My favorite is the Clover Double wrap, but check out their bright spring colors!
4. Dresses! If you see me in the summer, I am in a dress or yoga pants. I am looking forward to the return of my favorite clothing item in coral, magenta, and bold floral prints.
I could live in this. Minus the fedora. I've tried and it is not a good look for me.
5. One-shouldered tops and dresses. I wore this one for Larkyn's baptism and something about the asymmetry was flattering (on top at least...let's please ignore the postpartum body from the waist down). Check out the Miss Chic Boutique one in yellow!
Her model is a very bad blog influence on me and resulted in me wanting this AND buying this.
There you have is time to tone these arms again and maybe dabble in the application of self-tanner.

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Erin @ Living In Yellow said...

Haha yes....I LOVE the yellow one shoulder top, it is one of my favorites in my closet right now. You need it for sure :) Also. I couldn't agree more on your favorite things...coral, bracelets, and dresses. Yes yes and yes :) Can't wait to follow along on this great blog of yours. Thank you for the shout out lady!

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