Try it Tuesday: Leapfrog My Pal

Looks like Techie Tuesday and TV Tuesday didn't work out for me because I never have time to watch TV in a timely manner and I don't have unlimited funds to test out the tech goods. Unfortunate.

BUT! I do try something new all the time, and I'm all about sharing the things I think you might like.

For Larkyn's first birthday, she got a Leapfrog My Pal Violet (There is a green "boy" version named Scout). My mom gave it to her, and Larkyn is in love! If you have a baby to buy for in the near future, check it out at amazon for only $18!
Lulu's new BFF

We have had more than one interactive puppy in this house, and this one seems to have caught her attention. Know why? It says her name.  That's right, you plug little Violet into your computer via USB, download the Leapfrog software (easy), and off you go. I was able to choose:
  • Larkyn's name (at Christmas, it was not on the list, but it is there now!)
  • Her favorite color (total guess of yellow at this point)
  • Her favorite animal (duh, "duck")
  • Her favorite food (muffins!) Seriously, the choices for food will crack you up. 
  • 5 lullabies
  • 5 playtime songs
  • 5 learning songs
And, when she starts to have opinions on the matters listed above, I can change the choices at any time by plugging her back into the computer. It is so funny to hear Violet talking to her and saying "(yaaaaawn) I'm tired, Larkyn, let's snuggle up" and then you can have her play 2/5/10 minutes of lullabies.

I would say 1 year is the perfect time to introduce this toy. She still gets a little "button happy" and will push all of poor Violet's paws, not letting her get a word out! If I get a video of their friendship sometime soon, I'll post it so you can witness.

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Desiree said...

I have heard so many good things about Violet! I totally should get one for Sofia! :-)

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