Being your mom

Our first Mothers Day, May 2011

Dear Larkyn,

Thank you for letting me be your mama!  Every day, I am happy to wake up to your cooing and your smiling face when I walk in the door. I love to start my day with you. Every day you show me something new you can do, and I am so proud of you! Even when you whine and cry, I know its because you so badly want to do something that you just can't quite get right (which reminds me of myself).

Before you were born, I dreamed you were a girl, that Larkyn was your name, and that you had blonde hair and blue eyes. Of course I couldn't dream up your spunky personality, funny faces, or the way you break my heart when I look at your pictures and see how fast you are growing up.

My wishes for you this year...that you remain confident...that you feel loved even when we correct you and say no...that you see models of kindness and compassion...that you keep learning and saying new words to express yourself...that you keep on smiling that big grin.

I love you,

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Audra said...

What a beautiful sweet letter to your baby girl! Happy Mothers Day to you!

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