Mama Monday: Roadtrip!

I requested the day off for Mother's Day, hoping for an adventure of some sort. Didn't need something in a little box or something that would die in a week, just wanted to pile in the car and go.

Indoor photography with no flash = boo.
This morning, we left for Cincinnati (about a 2 hour drive from Columbus). We timed it so that Larkyn would sleep all the way down and all the way back up. Sweet. The aquarium was easy to find because of all the signs, but I had no idea it was attached to an outdoor mall (If you know Easton, it is just like Easton). And, strangely enough, directly across from the Fish Market restaurant. Mmmm.

The aquarium itself was pretty neat but...that was probably our one trip, unless we take baby #2 one day when Larkyn is older. I loved that it wasn't crowded at all (definitely go during the week!) and that we could get right up in front of the animals. Or under, as you will see below. However, $28 per person? Seriously? There is no way that it was better than our zoo, which does not cost nearly that much!

Oh well. Larkyn enjoyed running around and pushing her own stroller. She was not really into the animals, but she had fun, and we enjoyed looking at the animals ourselves. The jellyfish room was SO COOL! Of course there aren't pictures because the room was dark with different tubes of neon lights, lighting up the jellyfish. There were several tunnels to walk under the sting rays, sharks, etc. and those were definitely the neatest feature.

Hate to say it, but we had equally as much fun at the nearby Bass Pro Shop. We always go when we are visiting a city that has one. They are like an amusement park themselves. They have big fish in tanks too...for free. Everyone got a shirt and hat to take home:o)

It was a great end to Mother's Day and the perfect little day trip. Love you, little family!

Look at this crazy guy. He was called a "4 eye" something or other. Kinda cute.
My favorite, a loggerhead sea turtle!
She only has eyes for dada, even with SHARKS swimming over her head.
This is her "what the..." face when she realized we got ice cream and she had Cheerios. We usually share with her, but we both got peanut butter in ours. Ooops.

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Desiree said...

We went to our aquarium on a Sunday and that was the biggest mistake of our lives. I had my giant stroller and there were billions of people. The baby did have a good time but you are so right, going during the week is key!

And how hilarious that a fish market was right across the street! Do they give them all the fish that die at the aquarium? :-)

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