Mama Monday: You puzzle me

Note to Larkyn:
Happy 13 months! Here you are in your birthday chair, which we can use for our pictures now.

As soon as you start speaking in phrases, I wondered if you could clear up a few things...
  • Is your body wired a different way, to recognize weekends as the days to wake up early and M-F as the days to sleep in?
  • Does food taste different when daddy or grandma feeds it to you? Just wondering why you can eat an omelette for dad and scream when I gave you a bite of scrambled eggs?
  • Speaking of that, is there some magic ingredient in dog food that I missed that makes it delicious?
  • How do you learn so fast? It took me months to learn some of the harder yoga poses, and you went from a few steps to running in less than a month!
  • Do you really care what's on TV, or are The Backyardigans and The Bachelorette all the same to you?
  • Is any book ever going to be as good as Pat the bunny?
  • And finally, where did you learn your dance moves? 

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