Style Sunday: Fabric flower headbands and clips

Sunday is race day. I've been watching them since I was in utero, but it doesn't mean I don't get stir crazy during the 4 hour marathon testosterone sessions. After getting some cute play clothes on sale (and with a gift card) from Gymboree today, I was ready to make some hair accessories for my girl. They were so simple! It almost makes it OK that she will pull them off her head as soon as I put them on...

Here is what you need:
Those skinny strips were an impulse buy at JoAnn's. They are $7 for a bunch OR you can use your own fabric strips. Fold the strip in half and twist it as you twist the fabric into the flower shape. There is a great tutorial on that here .
Put hot glue almost on the end of the strip and then turn the strip in a circle motion in your hand. Stick the strip to itself on the glue dot to create a base/center of the flower.
Now start turning the base around between your thumb and pointer, adding layers behind the center, moving outward. Stop when you are happy with the size.
It's almost done! Now cut the strip and have your glue gun ready! Hold it tight as you glue several spots from behind to hold the flower together. I don't put any in the front because I don't like to see it. Watch your fingers, they will definitely get scorched in this step (maybe we should try glue dots?)
Now you can glue your flower to a barrette (find single prong clips at craft or beauty stores) OR to a headband. I absolutely love this foldover elastic I ordered from Mary Not Martha on etsy. I can't find it in stores anywhere and for less than $3, it was a great find for me.

Cut your elastic to the right length. Here is what I have found:  0-3 m: 13"; 4-12 m: 15"; 12 m- 3 yrs: 17"; 3 yrs and up: 17.5". Do not allow extra for the glue or it will be too big and fall right off! I'd even go a little smaller than 17" next time I try them for Larkyn.

Glue your flower right over that seam, add a few pearls to the center of the flower if you want, and voila. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

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