Thursday 13: American places I want to go

 I'd rather spend my money on traveling than anything else. Actually, if I never got another gift again and instead got to buy plane tickets and hotel rooms, that would be just fine! Here are the places that are still on my must-see list. Any opinions?
St. Joseph's, Michigan
1. Hawaii- The plane ride does not excite me, but I'm sure it is worth it. Supposedly a good vacation with kids, too.

2. Key West- This is probably much more doable than Hawaii. The food, the drinks, the pink houses, oh my!

3. Seattle- The culture! The food! The coffee!

4. Portland (maybe do it in the same trip as Seattle?)

5. Savannah- Looks like the perfect place to stay for Christmas. I once spent Christmas in nearby Charleston and the weather was perfection.

6. Alaska (cruise)- We better go see those glaciers before they are gone!

7. Virgin Islands- I couldn't even tell you all their names, but I'd like to see the less inhabited ones for a mama/daddy trip to unwind.

8. Napa Valley- Do I really need to explain?

9. San Francisco (Round 2)- Went once when I was 5 or so and would love to go revisit everything as an adult.

10. Cape Cod- I've never been to the beaches of New England.

11. Puerto Rico- I was running out of ideas and remembered that we "own" PR. Incredible beaches and rainforests? Yes please.

12. West Michigan beaches- I've never actually been to Michigan. No, I am not THAT big of an OSU fan to avoid it, but the opportunity has never presented itself. Can you believe this is Michigan?!


Audra said...

We have so many of the same top picks! The hubs and I went to Key West for our honeymoon. It's hard to believe it's part of the US because it's a whole different world - so relaxing and beautiful!

Jillibean said...

I live in St. Joseph, Michigan. I love that beach!! It's definitely a beautiful area.

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