Thursday 13: Money-pits

While we are beginning to save money for a possible move/home addition in the future, I have been paying a little closer attention to where all my money goes. Does your money fly out of your wallet at these things too?!

1. Anything at Target. I go in for a "few things" (let's say "gray eyeshadow and whole milk" for instance) and end up with 2 scarves, a baby bathing suit, and a rubbermaid tub. Crap. Forgot to get the milk.
2. Gas. I only get it about every 10 days, but when I see the numbers inching toward $50, it makes me want to puke. My friend and I recently reminisced about how we paid $10 a tank in high school.
3. Snacks for baby. When she doesn't eat what we eat (unless its El Vaquero!), I find myself constantly in need of "food for Larkyn". Half the cart is probably food just for her.
4. Knit dresses. I wear them almost every day in the summer. Can't walk past a cute one without contemplating it inside my closet.
5. Fast food breakfast. I LOVE IT. Especially Wendy's, which really deserves its own post.
6. Clothes for Larkyn. I have gotten much better in the last 18 months (yes, she had a full closet before she was born). But I still just loving buying her a tee shirt or two if I am anywhere near Gymboree. Or a bag full of playclothes from Once Upon a Child!
7. Carryout dinner. Dinners around here do not receive a good reception. I don't have the time or the desire to spend the evening in the kitchen, so we do a lot of carryout. Deliciously expensive.
8. Cable! I hate the cable/internet bill. But I would dearly miss it if it was gone.
9. Supplies for projects. I do usually follow through with making the project, but then I have the surplus paper, ribbon, etc. around forever.
10. Credit card bills:o( I will be paying those for a long time.
11. Oh, which reminds me...student loans. Ugh.
12. The entire dairy section at the store. You name it...yogurt, cheeses, milks, it all jumps in the cart.
13. Ah yes, babysitting. We love Miss C and our babysitting arrangement is perfect. but it will be nice to have the summer to save that money for a while!

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Desiree said...

Oh man, all of those things empty my wallet on a regular basis! I'm super paranoid about Sofia being a picky eater so I try extra hard to introduce as many new foods as possible. I try to give her what I eat but when I'm having cereal for dinner, that won't fly! I'm constantly picking up new pouches and snacks and fruits with the hopes that she'll at least try them!

And we went to the movies the other night and grabbed a bite to eat at the food court (where did our fancy dinners disappear to??) and the babysitter was $70!!! Talk about puking! I don't think I'll ever get used to paying babysitters. She's totally worth it since Sofia loves her and I know she takes really good care of her, but gah!! $70!!!

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