Try it Tuesday: Chobani Smackdown

I have this thing about bandwagons. I'll watch from afar, fascinated by people who quickly jump on...observing if the trend will stick...weighing if the hype is worth it...getting annoyed with over-saturation, then finally making a choice. I JUST got a black North Face fleece this February because they were 30% off (the global warming discount, you know). Anyway...

In our fridge, you can find the following:
  • 3 Yoplait lights (Matt's)
  • 4 Chobani Champs (Larkyn's)
  • 4 Cherry Activias (Mine--I keep waiting for JLCurtis to show up with a camera in my kitchen)
Yeah, we love yogurt and each of us eats it at least once a day. So, when the Chobani commercials started popping up, Chobanis started appearing on every shelf of the staff lounge, and Pinterest was full of "Chobani substitution conversions", I was immediately turned off.

Then my daughter became a vegetarian.  Well, not really, she just refuses to eat meat and the doctor said, "You need to find protein in other sources, so switch to Greek yogurt". Alright, fine for her. She will eat anything resembling yogurt and loves it. Baby: converted.

THEN we had a staff appreciation breakfast this week and (gasp!) the only choices for yogurt were Chobanis. Of course, everyone was squealing with delight while I was gritting my teeth. OK, you are going to try it...put some granola on top and get over it.

And guess what? I liked it (Sam I Am!). Yes, it was much thicker and not as sweet as non-Greek yogurt. But, it had pieces of peach in it and I liked it even more after I read the nutritional information:
From Check out that protein!!

My suggestion? Get yourself some Chobani AND some healthy granola (because crunch makes everything better). Mama: converted.


Desiree said...

I actually chuckled at your North Face line. Ev-rey-one at my school wore black North Face fleece, designer jeans and Uggs when it was cold. It was like a rich kids college uniform and for that reason alone I never bought a North Face fleece - even though they looked super comfy! I may have to get one once we move up north... :-)

And I'm a total yogurt lover too. We must always have yogurt in the fridge or it's not a good day. I started with Fage, switched to Chobani and I even branched out the other day and bought almond milk yogurt. Skip it - it's not thick enough.

But I do love me some Chobani peach! :-)

Sofia's still on Stonyfield but she's graduated to the YoToddler and she's really digging the banana and pumpkin ones!

I only just now got her to eat grapes - I froze them and she loves them! Score one for my little meat-a-saurus! :-)

Stacie said...

Peach was delicious! There are some funky flavors out there--blood orange and pomegranite? Larkyn ate a ton of the YoToddler and I love that we can sneak veggies into it. She likes the sweet potato one.

I was way overdue on the NF fleece. It is extremely useful and a lot more flattering than a huge puffy coat:o)

We will try grapes too!

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