Yo mama

All day yesterday, colleagues of mine kept asking, "What are you doing Sunday?" "Any big Mother's Day plans?"

Ummm, I didn't get that far yet?

To me, Mother's Day is still about ME celebrating MY mom. I haven't figured out the other part of me being a mom yet. So, I planned this trip to the zoo with our old friends Katie, Judy and Baby Maclain awhile back and still have no idea what (if anything) I'm doing tomorrow on actual Mother's Day. Whatever the case, we had a great day!

Sometimes I get real dramatic and use words like "delicious" to describe the weather. It was, indeed delicious today, and we had to take advantage of the Ohio weather before it turns humid.
I love that we can say "clap your hands!" and she does it. Now if she could only learn "Don't eat the dog food!"
Mooses! Meese?
Over the moose bridge. Please examine the incredible ponytail to my left. That is why we really come to the zoo.
Now that she's walking all over the place, little miss has to get out of the stroller and take breaks every now and then.
Love you, Nana!
Completely wiped out.
I made my mom a Shutterfly calendar and got her a knitting book she wanted, but I know her...I know all she wanted was to spend a few hours with us. I think that must happen once you become a grandparent. Happy Mother's Day to a loving, selfless Mom and grandmother!!

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