You can't make this ___ up

My friends, it has been one of THOSE weeks. I thought it *might* give you some entertainment to be a fly on the wall in my last 24 hours. It's either laugh or cry, and I do not have time to cry!

Yesterday evening:
-Get home with baby and groceries at 6:00
-Put groceries away while "cooking" chicken Caesar salad for dinner
-Eat dinner while baby repeatedly goes after the dog food for her dinner
-Decide that this will not appear on our menu again and eat Pop Tarts and cereal
-While washing dishes, dogs go absolutely bonkers when they see the neighbor's dog
-Go to let dogs in, baby dumps over dog's water onto the poor hardwood floor for the 456th time
-Fold laundry while baby is content for a few minutes
-Put over-tired baby to bed early and clean up the living room, which is destroyed
-Look at the dog "nested" in my laundry, which is now all over the place
-Baby wakes up an hour early, so I get ready while she is awake (foreign to me)
-Dog jumps off bed, flattening out baby and leaving scratches on her (she is OK, but SCREAMING)
-While standing at the sink, wondering where the sippy cup is, hear baby drinking out of it with day-old milk. More screams. 
-Take baby to sitter, go to work (no details here because a kindergarten classroom is an alternate universe that we can discuss later)
-Pick up baby, who "has not slept well all day"
-Make dinner to serve when daddy gets home...?
-Daddy gets home, within minutes, his phone is gone and we realize baby is in the bathroom about to do her favorite thing: throw stuff in the toilet. Run and yell, scaring baby but (I kid you not) catching the phone while it is being dropped in. 
-Discover that extremely cranky baby has a horrific diaper
-While pondering "What caused THIS?" and stripping her down for a bath, realize that baby has peed on the bathroom floor
-"Where's dinner?"happens. I write this post.

You can't make this up. Ladies who have children, you know. Ladies who don't, I know you still have days like this. never will have days like this. Ever. Because we prevent it from happening!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I will indulge you in a little clip I like to call "Larkyn goes to kindergarten". Hold out til it is completely over. Now don't you wish you were a fly on THAT wall?


Bonnie Young said...

I've totally had days like this...times 2 kids.

Stacie said...

I'm sure! Good birth control for a few years. I have no idea how to juggle 2 yet:o)

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