Foodie Friday: A little help, please

Usually I post with great excitement on Fridays...bringing you something that I have tried and hope that you will like as much as I do. However, this post is a little different. I need your help!  You see, everything I read and hear suggests that children should "eat what the family eats". That is so not happening in this house, and I am starting to feel bad about it.

I do feel good about breakfast. She eats any breakfast food put in front of her (just like her mama). Check. Lunch, great! She eats fruits, crackers, cheese, you know...a normal lunch. Check.

Then comes dinner. First of all, it is a little challenging because Matt gets home after dinner time and closer to her bedtime, so she has to eat separate from us on most nights. Which makes me feel guilty in the first place.

I have tried introducing all of the things I thought one year olds like: grilled cheese, mac and cheese, pasta, ravioli about 4 different ways, and don't even go there with meat. Ha. Tonight was my breaking point with Spagettios. Spagettios! Doesn't everyone love those (don't answer that--I might be the only 30 year old who still eats them). If you were outside our house when I presented the bowl of wonderfulness to Larkyn, you would have thought a snake bit her. I ate it in front of her, making a big deal, I put some on her tray, tried different spoons, and it.would.not.end.

What am I doing wrong? How did you get (or not get) through introducing new foods?  Because, seriously L, people do not eat waffles and applesauce for dinner. Only your mother when you are not looking.

So, I am looking for baby-friendly dinner entrees. Here are the dinner items she does like:
Rice/Mexican rice, refried beans (can you tell where we get carry-out?), mashed potatoes, and pizza. Thank you!!

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