Happy Birthday, other half!

Well, now we are both 30. I know you take pleasure in reminding me that I am older by 2.5 months, but now we are the same age again! 

I know it isn't easy living in this zoo we call home. A yellow and pink bird-filled wonderland has replaced your man-cave, and the sounds of squeals, barks and Sprout TV spread through our once quiet home. But you wear it well. Fatherhood suits you, and I'm glad that Larkyn has you as a daddy. After all, how would she ever try any food if it weren't for you? She certainly wouldn't know the joys of salt & vinegar chips, tuna salad, and popsicles from my plate:o)

Every day, you put in hours of (difficult!) work to support our zoo, and I thank you for that. You deserve every relaxing minute that you can get each night, aI hope you don't always have to work this hard, because we sure miss you around this joint.

Happy, happy birthday, Matt. Here's to another 30 years!

1 comment:

Desiree said...

aww, that was so sweet!

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