Happy summer in pictures!

So, it officially begins. I have attempted to take Larkyn someplace stimulating every day. We tryyyy for new places, but that doesn't always happen. We have found some lovely parks around here, gone out to lunch with friends (although THAT has become interesting as of late), but here are some of the more exciting milestones and events we have had so far...

Feeding ourselves! Not all the time, and usually getting more food on our lap than in the mouth, but it is exciting nonetheless.

Mommy and Me Bounce class at Buckeye Bounce Club. She loves jumping on the bed and couch (doesn't everyone?), so I found this place that lets her bounce, wall to wall and in a foam pit. The only time she whined was when she wanted me off her trampoline. Ha! The video below shows that she is not interested in the "class" really, just having the place to herself.

Short trip to Pennsylvania to visit Great Grandma. Larkyn was a celebrity at the retirement village!
Eating dinner beside GG at our special reserved table for Fathers Day.
This was the highlight of our guest room.

We met up with Miss C and her daughter at Ballantrae Spray Park. It is way easier than going to the pool and sassypants got to run around AND have water. It was a million degrees out, but she enjoyed the fountains and the McDonalds ice cream that followed. We will definitely go back!
This one eventually sprayed her in the face, which prompted an immediate whine-laugh.
It was so nice of her to take Lulu in the water so I didn't have to wear a bathing suit. Although, if you examine the picture closely, you'll see that swim attire isn't exactly required.
Note: In the latest Us Weekly, Ellen Pompeo's daughter is wearing the same suit. So, I know where she shops (Target for $12!)

I love Miss C!

Next on the list...
Window shopping at Easton (maybe get a pair of shoes since we are quickly outgrowing them!)
Berry-picking with daddy
Swimming with cousin Jax and hopefully Amber & Hannah

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