Mama Monday: A day she's been waiting for

Anyone who has had (and lost) grandparents knows that they are rare and special. I lost all 4 grandparents by the time I had Larkyn (I was 30 weeks pregnant when grandma had an accident and passed away:o(

Anyway, for some reason or another, we haven't been able to get together with Matt's Grandma Osborne and everything aligned perfectly for that to happen this weekend. Though she lives in PA, we all made the trip up to lovely Avon Lake (raise your hand if you want to move there!) to get together with more than just "GG". Without rambling, here is the proud grandma, who I have only known through eloquent letter-writing, with her grandbabies...
Matt's cousin Vanessa, GG, Matt, and cousin Harper (birthday girl!) & Larkyn
Ahhh, water.
We were all into those gorgeous flowers. And that cutie in the pink hat:o)
It was a fun day of good food (hello, Vanessa's macaroni salad), beautiful weather and water, and watching a great grandma enjoy her family! It'll be fun for these two to grow up together.

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