Mama Monday: "It's all over"

People love to tell you that once your baby walks, "It's all over". I really don't enjoy negative "advice" like that, but...they were kind of right. Not that the fun is over or life is over, but the life of having a contained baby certainly is out the window.  Exhibit A:
All her ideas of redecorating and entertainment
Now that I am home with Larkyn for the summer, I am seeing so much growth (she says "dog" when she hears a dog bark, points to trees, points to mama, brings me things all the time so I can say thank you and then lay it in the pile of all the presents she has brought to me...).

But, leaving the house?  It is hard, my friends. If we are just going to a place with a shopping cart, we are good. But all of the following have happened in the last week to remind me, "You're not in control anymore, mama."
  • I was excited to try on a few good finds at the Loft! As soon as we closed the door to the dressing room, she was a mess. I got her out (stupid)..and she was immediately gone underneath the door and I am shirtless. Thank goodness grandma was a few rooms down and could run out!
  • Highchairs in restaurants? HA! Ask Matt how that is going.
  • Her preferred play area at the playground? The path. Pushing her own stroller back and forth on the path until I finally I get sick of guiding it.
  • Stairs are her new obsession. We don't have them, so they are new to her. Only, she likes to walk off the edge of them when we visit other houses. Wheee!
What I'm getting at is not "poor me, this is hard". It is just totally different, and I am finding out what my baby is really about. She is not an observer. I watch more Sprout TV than she does...she moves more furniture than I do. She doesn't just watch people walk into a restaurant, she waves and smiles at every single one. I love that about her. She makes everyone feel like the center of universe for just a minute. 

I'd like to collect gross motor ideas for babies, since that is her thing. I'd love your suggestions!


Schneider 4.0 said...

First of all, sounds like you need to find a baby stroller for her to push around when you go to the park. She'd love it! And secondly, Pinterest my dear! There will be a million gross motor ideas on there!

Welcome to the world of Go, Go, Go. :)

Desiree said...

Omg, Sofia is all about stairs too! She has learned to get out THROUGH the doggie door because there are stairs on the other side! Of course, she hasn't figured out how to go down them yet and figures that faceplanting is just as good a method as any. But I can't shut the doggie door because hello! The dog has to go out! Talk about fun. :-/

I'm so with you - it's awesome when they walk but it's so hard! I took Sofia to the play area at the mall and took my eyes off of her for a second and she was GONE. She decided playing was for losers and was just gonna go do some shopping. I about had a heart attack!

I wrack my brain daily to try and figure out something that's more entertaining than stairs but I got nothin'.:-)

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