Summer of CLEAN

This kind of mess doesn't bother me too much because it will take 5 minutes to fix it.

But this? Where things don't fit and items are not grouped correctly? 
You will see the pink plastic flying.
I don't have the time for a spotless house, nor do I think it is necessary or really a good use of time, but EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE. It is so rare that something gets lost that when it does happen, I almost need institutionalized. The beauty of a 926 sqf house is that "It couldn't have gone too far", but the flipside is that storage is a huge pain. I try. Matt doesn't have the stuff that baby and I do, but he doesn't like to get rid of things. So, this summer, I am working on both.
GOAL ONE: Get rid of things!!

GOAL TWO: Create storage spaces that are used and kept in place

Here, I will keep track of my progress. You chime in whenever you see a place where you can offer advice!

Kitchen cabinets
  • In rid of all of my "souvenir foods" I thought I'd make. Sorry, Cafe Du Monde.
Bathroom cabinets
Linen closet  
  • Moved all the dangerous stuff to the top and tubbed everything in plastic shoe boxes.
  • Got rid of about 64 samples and travel size toiletries. Found 8 new toothpastes.
Built-in bookshelf
Living room bookshelf
Matt's closet
  • He even donated quite a few clothes too! That is HUGE!
My closet
  • Almost done. I have a shelf on top for jeans and pants. It is a disaster. Ideas?
Bedroom storage (the Achilles heel of the entire house)
Coat closet
  • I made a life-altering decision. I do not need multiple purses. Buh-bye!
  • plastic shoe boxes for hats, gloves, and scarves
Basement (biggest project, but has to be a team project!)
  • I am halfway through. Larkyn's items and my craft items are in tubs. Next is going through OLD stuff to decide what I want to keep, getting MORE tubs, and labeling all the tubs.

The challenge? Now that baby is in that Can't-take-my-eyes-off-or-else phase, I can only do this during naptime. Oh yeah, and not an endless budget for buying new storage. Again, suggestions are welcome.


Bonnie Young said...

Hey Stacie! I totally get the organization thing...I used to be so organized before kids, even balancing my checkbook to the penny. Better to get a handle on it now, otherwise it will NEVER garage: the bane of my existence! Anyway, check out the blog I Heart Organizing. She has great cost effective and stylish ideas.

Kate said...

I think the Container Store is calling our name! Let's go!

Stacie said...

Bonnie-- thanks for the reassurance! I will check out that website too. I never balanced my checkbook, so you got me there:o) It will be nice when/if I can teach Larkyn to put things in the right place.

Kate-- I used all my Target gift cards! You do remember what happened last time I went to the Container Store with you?? The $500 closet?

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